Meteor Stone is a highly esteemed company based in Perth, Western Australia. With over 30 years’ worth of experience, the company has been deeply involved in this highly competitive industry. We have always strived for success and demanding leadership, providing high quality products and a professional advancement on all of their services, regardless of how big or small the project is. Our company regularly conducts explorations all across Western Australia in search of practical and feasible building materials to add to our already extensive list of products.

One of the many common problems of homeowners and contractors is finding and selecting the proper building materials for a construction project, as each material varies with different projects. Our team of highly proficient group of professionals understand these various issues and will try our best in aiding you to find the perfect natural stones for your ever diverse needs. We will work closely with you to deliver quality products at affordable prices without having to compromise on customer service as we are the only company in the whole of Western Australia to quarry, process, and market natural stones, significantly reducing our costs which in turn helps you receive our natural stone products for great value.

One of the services in which Meteor Stone specializes is the paving of different stones, mainly sandstones. Paving, as put in simple terms, is the process of a surface, made up of flat stones, being laid in a pattern. This process, although seeming simple, is extremely complicated and without a team of professionals like the one provided by the company, can be done wrongly and as a result, not last for a long time. For paving in Perth, natural sandstone is an ideal choice especially for high traffic areas as it provides great strength and durability. By offering a touch of class, it can make any outdoor area a lot more aesthetically appealing, regardless of whether it be commercial landscapes or pool surrounds.

Although having the reach for a great assortment of sandstone paving in Perth, our company specializes in the few, main natural sandstone paving products. Many of the natural stones used for paving are now commonly found in residential areas and commercial establishments across Australia. This is perfect for us as despite being greatly experienced in such a competitive field, we can now provide an even greater variety of natural sandstone paving products for a lower price than usual as we do not have to import our natural stone goods.

Our collection of natural stones used for Paving in Perth and in International markets is a great one. With a great variety of them, the natural sandstone paving products allow us to satisfy all of our clients’ paving related needs and wants in Perth, Western Australia. One of the sandstone paving natural stones we specialise in is the Delhi Dusk. This type of natural stone is great for projects such as public walkways and pool surrounds as the natural colors combined with the texture variety gives the area a beautiful look. Another of the natural stones our pavers in Perth use is the Kimberley Quartzite. This natural stone is greatly versatile allowing it to be perfect for a wide range of projects. Along with its colors and rich textures, this stone is one of the most durable natural stones in the market

To conclude, Meteor Stone is a highly esteemed company located in the great region of Perth. We have teams of highly proficient and skilled professionals that have years of experience in the complex art of paving and thanks to their experience, can aid and guide you in any way possible in order for you to use the right natural stones to satisfy your paving needs in Perth. Our great level of quality and service grants us to be at a level that simply no other company in this competitive industry can match.