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Delhi Dust Sandstone is a beautiful natural stone that can change a dull area into one that is more lively and welcoming. The stone is relatively straightforward to install with the right tools and maintaining it is also an easy process.

Delhi Dust Sandstone is a highly versatile product that can be used for the following applications:

  • Landscaping: The addition of Delhi Dust Sandstone can completely change how a landscape looks by creating a more welcoming environment. This option is especially for homeowners investing in outdoor renovations for their property.
  • Paving: Using Delhi Dust Sandstone offers a perfect solution to add an elegant look to outdoor areas from patios to walkways and pool surroundings. This building material is ideal for both residential and commercial establishments.
  • Cladding: Wall cladding is a popular option that can be used on exterior walls to give a more luxurious look. Cladding also helps to create more rigid structures and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Delhi Dust Sandstone is a practical building material that is also ideal for anyone wanting to add a touch of class to existing areas from homeowners to building contractors. Contact us today for more details about ordering this stone for your project.

We strive to make everything as transparent as possible. Below is a brief overview of our process:

  • Initial consultation: Our team takes the time to fully understand your needs so we can deliver an appropriate solution. You can schedule an appointment to visit our display centre or we can have one of our consultants go to your site.
  • Quote: Our specialty lies in the quarrying and processing of natural stone. This allows us to deliver competitive pricing on our products. After an initial consultation, we give a detailed quote based on your project requirements.
  • Deliver: Once all the details are finalised, we can begin to process your order. The Delhi Dust Sandstone is then delivered to your site and stacked neatly in crates. Some degree of variability in colour and texture should be expected.

Regardless of what your construction plans are, the team at Meteor Stone can supply Delhi Dust Sandstone Cladding at affordable prices for your next project.

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