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Benoni Dusk is a natural sandstone with a rich texture and beautiful colours. This combination makes it a popular choice for outdoor areas as it adds an elegant look that is simply unrivaled compared to other stone products on the market.

Its high durability and versatility makes it an ideal choice to create welcoming residential and commercial areas. The variety of colours that are available help to add a much more natural and luxurious look. Maintaining this stone is also relatively easy as it only needs the occasional wash.

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Benoni Dusk Applications

Benoni Dusk is available in different sizes depending on the project scope and what it will be used for. This stone is perfect for the following applications:

  • Landscaping: Sandstone paving can be used to completely transform landscapes and garden areas, perfect for homeowners investing in renovations.
  • Backyards: Benoni Dusk is ideal for adding a colourful and attractive surface to pool surround areas. It is also practical for patios and pathways due to its durability.
  • Commercial areas: Appearances matter and this holds true for public areas. Natural sandstone is an excellent building material that can add a more lavish look to parks, museums, shopping centres, and more.

Benoni Dusk is a highly versatile stone product that can be used for a diverse range of residential and commercial paving projects. When used with a combination of other building materials, it can really create a lasting impression.

Some degree of colour, texture, and composition variability should be expected but these unique features also help to create a more natural setting.

Choosing the right stone can be a challenge, especially for tight project deadlines. The staff at Meteor Stone is here to help with your project whether you are looking for Benoni Dusk or other natural stones. We take the time to understand your unique needs so we can provide quality products that fit within your budget.

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We are a WA owned and operated company that has been involved with the quarrying and processing of natural stone since 1981. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to provide a wide range of quality natural stone products and we are continually adding practical building materials to our selection.

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